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Re: Building mate and xfce4 stops at mate-settings-daemon

On Fri, 21 May 2021 at 06:03, David H. Gutteridge <> wrote:
> On Thu, 20 May 2021 at 13:18:18 -0300, Mandacarú Cascavel wrote:
> >Hi, Friends.
> >
> >I'm trying to build mate and xfce4 from pkgsrc, but compilation stops
> >at mate-settings-daemon, writing the following log: (NetBSD-current,
> >amd64)
> >
> >checking for IceConnectionNumber in -lICE... yes
> >checking for XINPUT... yes
> >checking for FONTCONFIG... yes
> >checking X11/extensions/XKB.h usability... yes
> >checking X11/extensions/XKB.h presence... yes
> >checking for X11/extensions/XKB.h... yes
> >checking for LIBMATEKBDUI... yes
> >checking for LIBCANBERRA... yes
> >checking for LIBMATEMIXER... yes
> >checking for GIOUNIX... yes
> >checking for NSS... yes
> >checking for POLKIT... no
> >configure: error: PolicyKit support explicity enabled but not available
> >*** Error code 1
> [...]
> Hello,
> I think perhaps there's something different about your build environment
> than most. Do you have any custom settings in mk.conf? And when you say
> you're running NetBSD-current, what is the actual build date of it (the
> userland, that is)? Also, what means are you using to build? pbulk? pkg_
> rolling-replace? Manually typing "make install" or the like?
> I recently built the mate meta-package on NetBSD 9.99.82/amd64, with
> kernel and userland from May 3rd. There was no issue for me. I'm running
> another bulk build now with updated pkgsrc (though the same state of the
> base system), but it hasn't finished yet.
> You also mention Xfce, but mate-settings-daemon isn't a dependency of
> it, so it must be failing elsewhere for you with Xfce? I successfully
> built the xfce4 meta-package a couple of days ago, from pkgsrc that was
> current as of that time, on NetBSD 9.2, without any issue.
> Looking at pkgsrc bulk build logs, I didn't notice any failures there,
> either. My builds include the polkit dependencies, as I expect the bulk
> builds would, since that's the default. (My builds are always done using
> pbulk.)

I do my rebuilds with pkg_rolling-replace, usually once or twice a
week, on a -current system following -current pkgsrc. Both mate and
xfce4 always build without any problems. My last successful build of
them was from the 16th of May.

> Regards,
> Dave



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