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Re: Any seamonkey users?

Yoshihiro Ota a écrit :
> Hi Bob and others,
> Thanks for providing information.
> I installed NetBSD on VMWare and used binrary package.
> It started okay on NetBSD 9.1.
> I tried alsa option; seamonkey still crashed.
> webrtc had compile errors on FreeBSD.
> At least, problem seems FreeBSD specific and I can focus on FreeBSD, then.
> I had ported few newer versions to FreeBSD ports locally.
> However, it is quite different from Firefox now.
> It has became quite difficult keeping up to date with ports.


	I build seamonkey from sources on FreeBSD (not from ports) and last
versions of seamonkey can be built without any trouble from sources as
some patches have been pushed into source tree for FreeBSD :

root@pythagore:~/seamonkey # uname -a
FreeBSD pythagore 13.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE #0
releng/13.0-n244733-ea31abc261f: Fri Apr  9 04:24:09 UTC 2021  amd64

root@pythagore:~/seamonkey # cat .mozconfig
export CC=clang80
export CXX=clang++80
ac_add_options --enable-application=comm/suite
ac_add_options --enable-calendar
ac_add_options --enable-irc
ac_add_options --enable-dominspector
ac_add_options --enable-optimize
ac_add_options --disable-debug

	Seamonkey is now stable and runs as expected. If I remember, before
2.53.4, there were some compilation issues (with rust and with some
undefined functions in FreeBSD libc).



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