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Re: Any seamonkey users?

> Hi,
X-CMAE-Envelope: MS4xfKruwob4GcQjQD0qvQMPfvl9QneznE/gjFIGlbDchTZHYG/3W8m+w7/pW37jvrt/dBbcNNO19/qZmTkRBCHbYi7H4cqbw63YTLJ8GSnDHNbKRdeOZERS

> I've been trying pkgsrc on FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE i386.

> After the cyclic dependency is resolved, I was able to build www/seamonkey.
> However, seamonkey crashes during start up.
> I'm wondering if anyone uses seamonkey on NetBSD or FreeBSD.

> Thanks,
> Hiro    

I use Seamonkey on FreeBSD, but that was from FreeBSD ports and is now an old version (2.49?) on an old version of FreeBSD (11.1-STABLE).

I also had Seamonkey and Firefox on NetBSD, but that was lost when pkg_update went awry and destroyed many packages.

I have become disenchanted with FreeBSD with the recent changes, never really liked the dialog4ports, much prefer to put options in /etc/mk.conf as is done with pkgsrc, or /etc/make.conf in Gentoo Linux Portage.

I would have rebuilt my NetBSD system long ago but was, and still am, trying to cross-compile Linux toolchains from NetBSD and FreeBSD.


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