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Re: gtk3 option for misc/libreoffice

On Sat, 10 Apr 2021, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:

FWIW, this is with a brand new installation of all packages and
dependencies, with gtk3+ version 3.24.27

Mine is 3.24.28, if this is of any use; as I said, I have no problems.

I'm rebuilding now with 3.24.28

Perhaps the windowing environment in use? In my case I switch between
xfce4 and, recently, lxqt ( which turned out to be rather nice
actually ). I have also kde4+plus the latest bits from kf5, mate and
gnome (incl. the recent wip/gnome4 stuff built, but I can't get it to
work at all).

I'm just using simple in-tree X11 with fvwm2 window manager.  Nothing
fancy.  (fancy ==> having-to-learn-stuff)

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