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Re: Any lynx users?

On 08/04/2021 18:40, Steve Blinkhorn wrote:
Does anyone know if the pkgsrc binaries for lynx are compiled with
cookie support?  Or if options other than -accept_all_cookies are
needed to accept all cookies?

I have suddenly been bitten by HMRC (UK Internal Revenue) changing the
requirement for authorisation of software, I think by adding cookies.
I use lynx embeddided in a Tcl script to automagically generate tax
returns from my accountiong system, and I've spent the week so far
trying to find the problem.  (In the end I worked out how to cheat,
but it's fiddly and I want to fix the underlying problem properly
whiie it's still fresh to me.)

Have you tried fiddling with these settings in lynx.cfg:

Ottavio Caruso

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