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iperf status

[I've been using a hacky program of my own for speed testing, but it's
TCP only, single stream only, and v4 only.  In the process of switching
to iperf I am finding things slightly messy.]

Before I munge anything in pkgsrc, a request for a sanity check.

1) I see we have net/iperf3.  It is up to date.

2) We have net/iperf which is 2.05 and appears to itself be a
continuation fork of the old NLANR/DAST codebase.  This is well into "no
longer maintained", with the last release in 2010.  The project page is

and the HOMEPAGE says "use iperf3".

3) There is a continuation fork of iperf 2.05 at

which does look maintained.

Overall my read is that iperf3 is the standard approach and there are
some people who think iperf2 is better for various reasons.

I hypothesize that there are essentially zero people who think the 2010
version of iperf2 is better than the current fork's latest release.

So that leads me to think that on the todo list should be:

  tweak iperf3 DESCR to say it's the standard approach

  change iperf DESCR to note that it is no longer maintained

  update net/iperf to the continuation fork in (3) above

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