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Re: pkgsrc bootstrap fails on HaikuOS


"Thomas Mueller" <> writes:

> from Hung Nguyen Gia <>:
>> The bootstrap also failed on Haiku 64 bit.
>> ---- On Fri, 22 Jan 2021 10:53:11 +0700 Hung Nguyen Gia <gh_origin@zohomail .com> wrote ----
>>  > It=E2=80=99s Haiku 32 bit. I run setarch x86 before did the bootstrap in order to have a more modern compiler.
>>  > Here is the error:
> I am told, on Haiku emailing list, that pkgsrc no longer works on Haiku.
> Haiku has its own packaging system, haikuports.

I have just fixed bootstrap pkgsrc on Haiku OS R1/beta2.

The Haiku OS developers will not support pkgsrc officially,
however pkgsrc will support Haiku OS as its third party package management

Thank you.

> Tom

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