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Re: 2020Q4 - Linux - Unable to build gtk3

On 1/29/2021 1:12 AM, Thomas Mueller wrote:
from Michael Huff:

On 1/28/2021 4:31 PM, Thomas Mueller wrote:
The last thing I tried was setting X11_TYPE=modular in
/usr/pkg/etc/mk.conf in hopes that gtk3 would find the files it needs there.
I believe that in pkgsrc, X11_TYPE is always modular on Linux or any non-NetBSD.
X11_TYPE=native is for NetBSD only, as far as I know.
Or can pkgsrc recognize X11_TYPE=native in a Linux distro that includes X11, or OpenBSD with Xenocara?

I'm not sure -but I didn't notice any of the xorg-libs being built in
any of my previous attempts to build gtk3, so I don't think so?
I could easily be wrong, though.
Maybe pkgsrc recognized xorg as part of the system already there, like with native xorg in NetBSD?

In Linux, pkgsrc would have to work with a Linux package manager already there, since everything in Linux is a package, unlike FreeBSD and NetBSD where there is a well-defined base system.

I notice there is no util-linux in pkgsrc, and no Linux kernel which would be impossible to maintain as part of pkgsrc in view of so many versions.


Centos and Redhat seem to use Wayland? Also, I didn't install a xorg-dev package, and I have set PREFER_PKGSRC=yes in mk.conf . It's possible that pkgsrc built an xorg library before -without my knowing about it, but I don't think so?

As far as the rest goes -I think it's a similar situation to Illumos/OpenIndiana and other non-BSD platforms where you're not running a BSD kernel and have to co-exist with other local packages. Everything's kept in /usr/pkg (or whatever you set as root), including the pkgdb, and you have to set your PATH, MANPATH and other variables accordingly. So as a result it's all isolated from the rest of the system as much as possible.

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