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Re: 2020Q4 - Linux - Unable to build gtk3

Excerpt from Michael Huff <>:

> This is driving me up a tree -I've tried different things on both Centos 
> 8 (regular and stream) and Debian 10.

> I've tried mixing up the compile order.

> I've tried using pkgsrc's gcc 10 and gcc 8 (instead of the system compiler).

> The last thing I tried was setting X11_TYPE=modular in 
> /usr/pkg/etc/mk.conf in hopes that gtk3 would find the files it needs there.

I believe that in pkgsrc, X11_TYPE is always modular on Linux or any non-NetBSD.

X11_TYPE=native is for NetBSD only, as far as I know.

Or can pkgsrc recognize X11_TYPE=native in a Linux distro that includes X11, or OpenBSD with Xenocara?


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