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Re: 2020Q4 - Linux - Unable to build gtk3

from Michael Huff:

> On 1/28/2021 4:31 PM, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> >> The last thing I tried was setting X11_TYPE=modular in
> >> /usr/pkg/etc/mk.conf in hopes that gtk3 would find the files it needs there.
> > I believe that in pkgsrc, X11_TYPE is always modular on Linux or any non-NetBSD.

> > X11_TYPE=native is for NetBSD only, as far as I know.

> > Or can pkgsrc recognize X11_TYPE=native in a Linux distro that includes X11, or OpenBSD with Xenocara?

> Tom

> I'm not sure -but I didn't notice any of the xorg-libs being built in 
> any of my previous attempts to build gtk3, so I don't think so?

> I could easily be wrong, though.

Maybe pkgsrc recognized xorg as part of the system already there, like with native xorg in NetBSD?

In Linux, pkgsrc would have to work with a Linux package manager already there, since everything in Linux is a package, unlike FreeBSD and NetBSD where there is a well-defined base system.

I notice there is no util-linux in pkgsrc, and no Linux kernel which would be impossible to maintain as part of pkgsrc in view of so many versions.


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