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Re: Build problems in graphviz and xentools413


Am 25.01.2021 um 11:18 schrieb Patrick Welche:
I know of no scheme that you should have to set variables to succeed.
AIUI, xentools413 has ocmal code which was not updated upstream to avoid
using deprecated ocaml features, and pkgsrc-current has ocaml 4.11 which
removes that feature (unsafe strings).  But, I think xentools413 has
been fixed in pkgsrc-current.

Unfortunately, I've been following this topic only half-heartedly lately. We are also in Corona lockdown here and the 15% of my working time that I normally "reserve" for NetBSD is now often taken up by childcare, cooking lunch and thinking up attractive indoor activities ;-)

Still, I'm glad to see the topic hasn't been forgotten and I have a question about it: How likely is it that the xentools413 fixes will be backported to pkgsrc-2020Q4? I'm sure there are a lot of people who use NetBSD precisely because it has a good reputation for a stable XEN runtime environment. I hope I'm not going too far with this assumption ;-) At least for me, XEN on NetBSD is the only productive and well integrated way to compensate for the lack of higher level virtualization methods (containers, jails) and to partition my systems horizontally.

So I would find it very important if such essential tools like xentools413 are easily available and functional. For my in-house builds I maintain a pkgsrc-2020Q4-patchset, so it doesn't affect me directly. But someone new to NetBSD will be quickly overwhelmed here, especially since I would not give anyone the general recommendation to work with pkgsrc-current. It may be that the xentools413 work there - but all other packages are more or less in flux with the potential to break at any time.

Best regards

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