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Re: Build fails for MesaLib on NeBSD 9_Stable

> On Wed, Jan 20, 2021 at 8:30 PM <> wrote:
>> ImageMagic
>> without building the pkgsrc version of MesaLib.
>> Based on how pkgsrc MesaLib build failed, I still suspect something is
>> broken with the package, but with this workaround, I no longer care.
> Sorry, it won't help with your problem, but i was wondering why
> graphics/ImageMagick should depend on MesaLib.
> I checked again and don't see it being a dependency.

From what I can tell...
ImageMagick- requires:
=> Full dependency libheif>=1.8.0: NOT found
libheif requires:
=> Full dependency SDL>=1.2.15nb17: NOT found
SDL requires:
=> Full dependency MesaLib>=20.0.1nb1: NOT found
I also tried not requiring heif and x11 in IMageMagic build,
but it still wants MesaLib apparently for DRM?

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