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Re: Build fails for MesaLib on NeBSD 9_Stable

>> In all seriousness, the best advice is to update to NetBSD 9.   Things
>> in 8 are starting to get crufty if you want to build things in the
>> desktop/c++ world.  (If you just want it to do what it did a year ago,
>> it's rock solid.)
> I have now updated to NetBSD 9_Stable
> And still no joy compiling MesaLib under latest pkgsource/HEAD 2021.1.16
> NetBSD 9_Stable, amd64

After a great suggestion, I also updated X. I do not use this machine
interactively, but X does include a builtin version of MesaLib.

This alone did not solve the issue until I added:
to /etc/mk.conf

MesaLibe was being called as a dependency (to a dependency) for
that I wanted for a plugin to a WordPress install I am hosting locally...

Once I updated X and added MesaLib builtin to mk.conf, I could build
without building the pkgsrc version of MesaLib.

Based on how pkgsrc MesaLib build failed, I still suspect something is
broken with the package, but with this workaround, I no longer care.

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