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Re: pkgsrc build looking for PYPACKAGE suggestion?

Bob McGowan <> writes:

> On 1/9/21 7:38 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
>>> While building Samba4, I have a build failure because 'make' is
>>> looking for Python 2.7 based packages, but Python 3.8 packages are
>>> what are available.
>>> A message is printed stating that the system default is "38", but that
>>> the build will use "27", by setting PYPACKAGE.  It then says if this
>>> is not right, interrupt and set PYPACKAGE as needed.
>>> The problem is that it has nothing to say about where/how to make the
>>> change.
>> pkgsrc has a notion that python packages can be built for a number of
>> different versions.   Some packages support all of the ones in pkgsrc,
>> and some don't.  There are variables PYTHON_VERSIORS_ACCEPTED and
>> PYTHON_VERSIONS_INCOMPATIBLE set by package Makefiles.
>> Read /usr/pkgsrc/lang/python/
> I will take a look at these, see if they provide any guidance.

That in particular talks about user-settable variables, package-settable
variables, and variables defined by the file.  You should only set
user-settable variables in mk.conf.

> Initially, no.  But your comment suggested to me that I should add
> PYPACKAGE=python38 to mk.conf, which I did.

I did not mean to suggest that.  That's not a user-settable variable, so
that's basically a wrong thing to do.

> That got me past the first failure, with py-libxml2, but introduced a
> problem with the next, py-libxslt, which still wants python2.7.  So I
> will try and see what that does.

You got advice to get rid of stale workdirs.  Let us know if that was
the issue.

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