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Re: pkgsrc build looking for PYPACKAGE suggestion?

On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 05:19:42PM -0800, Bob McGowan wrote:
> Initially, no.  But your comment suggested to me that I should add
> PYPACKAGE=python38 to mk.conf, which I did.

I don't think this should be necessary at all.

> That got me past the first failure, with py-libxml2, but introduced a
> problem with the next, py-libxslt, which still wants python2.7.  So I will try

I think the most likely cause for your problem is unclean 'work'
directories, where a python38 package has already been build but a
python27 package needs to be built. You can fix this by running
'make clean clean-depeds'.

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