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Re: pkgsrc build looking for PYPACKAGE suggestion?

On 1/9/21 7:38 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
Bob McGowan <> writes:

[probably you should join and write to pkgsrc-users as this isn't, I
think, about macppc]

Got it, and done.


While building Samba4, I have a build failure because 'make' is
looking for Python 2.7 based packages, but Python 3.8 packages are
what are available.

A message is printed stating that the system default is "38", but that
the build will use "27", by setting PYPACKAGE.  It then says if this
is not right, interrupt and set PYPACKAGE as needed.

The problem is that it has nothing to say about where/how to make the
pkgsrc has a notion that python packages can be built for a number of
different versions.   Some packages support all of the ones in pkgsrc,
and some don't.  There are variables PYTHON_VERSIORS_ACCEPTED and
PYTHON_VERSIONS_INCOMPATIBLE set by package Makefiles.

Read /usr/pkgsrc/lang/python/

I will take a look at these, see if they provide any guidance.

Thanks again.

Note that the world is rapidly moving away from 27.  Programs that need
27 are considered broken and in need of fixing.

pkgsrc has marked samba4 as INCOMPATIBLE with 27.  That isn't
surprising, as once a program work with 3x, now that 27 is obsolete it's
easier to just ignore it, and many upstreams do that.

I just built samba4 on netbsd-9/amd64 and it built ok.

Do you have any settings in mk.conf about python?

Initially, no.  But your comment suggested to me that I should add PYPACKAGE=python38 to mk.conf, which I did.

That got me past the first failure, with py-libxml2, but introduced a problem with the next, py-libxslt, which still wants python2.7.  So I will try and see what that does.

I have cross posted this to the pkgsrc-users list.  Putting this in macppc, I hope, will link it such that people can (hopefully) follow through to the conclusion.


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