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Re: pkgsrc bootstrap fails on DilOS

Here is my, if you could use it (merge with or let it standalone) to add support for DilOS, then thank you very much.

The problems on Tribblix seemed to be of Tribblix itself, not pkgsrc. I think they broke their linker.

---- On Tue, 05 Jan 2021 01:35:56 +0700 Jonathan Perkin <> wrote ----

 > * On 2021-01-04 at 18:30 GMT, Hung Nguyen Gia wrote: 
 > > @Jperkin: It seemed you misunderstood me. I said since DilOS (like 
 > > Debian), puts everything in /bin and /usr/bin, integrating DilOS 
 > > into will break other Illumos distros because on 
 > > these system, the utilities in /bin and /usr/bin sometimes not 
 > > something we are looking for, sometimes we need thing from 
 > > /usr/gnu/bin, /usr/sfw/bin or /usr/xpg4, /usr/xpg6. This will 
 > > definitely breaks the logic. Simple '.if exists' can't deal with 
 > > this. We need something like 'if os name = DilOS then bla bla...' to 
 > > be able to deal with it. From you previous mail I think this is 
 > > currently not possible. 
 > I understand you, I just think it can be done ;)  But if not, there is 
 > the possibility to use ${OS_VARIANT} too to differentiate. 
 > > BTW, pkgsrc currently broken on Tribblix, too. But the problems 
 > > seemed to be of Tribblix itself. I have sent a mail to Peter. If he 
 > > can't resolve it, I will post it on this list. 
 > What's the issue?  It should work fine, I know schmonz used it for a 
 > bit, and I've previously used it to verify our binary packages. 
 > Cheers, 
 > -- 
 > Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  - 

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