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Re: pkgsrc bootstrap fails on DilOS

I don't know why but I'm greylisted by the list software again. This prevent I'm from replying to the list. What's wrong with my email provider (Zoho) or what's wrong with me after all? Let's see if this mail could be posted or not. If it's not, I have to contact the list's admin again.

@Jperkin: It seemed you misunderstood me. I said since DilOS (like Debian), puts everything in /bin and /usr/bin, integrating DilOS into will break other Illumos distros because on these system, the utilities in /bin and /usr/bin sometimes not something we are looking for, sometimes we need thing from /usr/gnu/bin, /usr/sfw/bin or /usr/xpg4, /usr/xpg6. This will definitely breaks the logic. Simple '.if exists' can't deal with this. We need something like 'if os name = DilOS then bla bla...' to be able to deal with it. From you previous mail I think this is currently not possible.

And I think you are right. DilOS seemed to not have much users. I tried it because it uses the same APT+DPKG stack which I familiar with since I used to work on Debian. I wanted to bring a desktop on top of it but I found the xorg package of it has umet dependencies. So I wanted to use pkgsrc to build the desktop part from source.

Maybe it's not worth supporting it after all.

BTW, pkgsrc currently broken on Tribblix, too. But the problems seemed to be of Tribblix itself. I have sent a mail to Peter. If he can't resolve it, I will post it on this list.


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