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Re: Cannot add net/unifi into pbulk - devel/scons unresolvable

Roy Marples <> writes:

>> And 6.0.43 was released today. Could you test, please?
> Upgraded, clicked all screens I could find, looks great.

Thanks - seems like we are getting close to 5->6 migration in pkgsrc
proper (once freeze is over of course, but that will be soon).

> One issue I did see is time I upgrade the controller it crashes on start.
> This includes uploading a backup via the web ui - it crashes.
> I also tested a 5.x controller and that behaves the same, so I guess a known issue?

Can you explain this more?  Do you mean that after an upgrade, the first
time you start it crashes, but if you just try again then it's ok?   Or
something else?

> Another issue is that my server doesn't have any compiler and is built
> w clang (gcc co-exists) from another box and lacks
> /usr/lib/ and the package complains it's not there? No
> biggie, I just touch the file and warning gone. Unlikely to be related
> to the above issue as without it then it shouldn't even start. Work
> mentioning as I have no idea how to rectify that.

It seems there is a missing depeendency.  Not a huge big deal but it
would be nice to find and fix.

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