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Re: Cannot add net/unifi into pbulk - devel/scons unresolvable

On 28/12/2020 16:54, Juraj Lutter wrote:

On 28 Dec 2020, at 17:40, Roy Marples <> wrote:

This works great!

The issue was I set NO_MULTI_PKG=yes and forgot what it meant - only build one version of python (and other multi version stuff).
Now I have a fully working unifi6 controller on my NetBSD server.

And 6.0.43 was released today. Could you test, please?

Upgraded, clicked all screens I could find, looks great.

One issue I did see is time I upgrade the controller it crashes on start.
This includes uploading a backup via the web ui - it crashes.
I also tested a 5.x controller and that behaves the same, so I guess a known issue?

Another issue is that my server doesn't have any compiler and is built w clang (gcc co-exists) from another box and lacks /usr/lib/ and the package complains it's not there? No biggie, I just touch the file and warning gone. Unlikely to be related to the above issue as without it then it shouldn't even start. Work mentioning as I have no idea how to rectify that.

Anyway, works good for me so I updated it in wip.


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