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Re: multimedia/mpv configure fails on netbsd-9/i386

nia <> writes:

> Hi folks,
> After freeze ends, I thought I'd introduce an
> that can be included by packages that require 64-bit atomic operations
> that does the correct thing on architectures that don't natively support
> them. This saves us from having to scatter hacks over pkgsrc.

This sounds good to me.

> There likely being a lot of 32-bit embedded x86 hardware from the 2000s
> with questionable CPU feature support running NetBSD puts us in an
> uncomfortable position regarding dropping 486-class CPU support.
> I had thought that most of this hardware was AMD Geode-ish, which is
> definitely at least 586-class - but I guess Soekris produced some
> even lower end stuff.

Basically there is the net4501, which I never had, that is said to have
a 100 MHz AMD Elan SC520.  The net4801 is a bit faster and has a "SC1100".
Here's the 4801 manual:

and you can see the 2004 date.   EOL was announced in November, 2007:

The net5501 has an AMD Geode LX and I found a review of it dated 2007.

It was touted on Soekris's site as of May 2008:
and more digging shows intiial ship in June 2007.

I bought a net5501 in early January 2011, and ran it as my
firewall/router/dns/dhcp box until summer of 2019.  (Now I have a PC
Engines apu2.)

The net4xxxx/net5501 boxes were extremely reliable, and many people ran
them for extended lifetimes.  But at this point, I would think that
there are very few net4x00 out there that are actually running
up-to-date NetBSD and pkgsrc.  It might be that the few people with them
building their own packages is less total work than maintaining
per-packkage changes.

However, it seems that we also need to include an atomic lib on powerpc,
in which case having i386 default to i586 isn't sufficient.

So overall, I've convinced myself that having a file that encapsulates
the current and future mk lines, that people having trouble just add, is
the best approach.

I am curious if anyone else has less-than-i586 box in service running a
supported version of NetBSD and pgksrc from sometimes in 2020?

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