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Re: multimedia/mpv configure fails on netbsd-9/i386

On Wed, 23 Dec 2020, Greg Troxel wrote:

> There is a standard kludge to set cpu flags for 586 or something like
> that.

As I mentioned and have done in my "mk.conf".

> While it's nice, probably, that NetBSD's standard build runs on i486 (or
> maybe also i386; I have lost track), it may be time for pkgsrc's default
> setup to be targetted at i586 and higher.

Last I checked "i386" actually requires an i486 or better.

> Is anybody running pkgsrc on an i386 or i486?  If so, do you use
> published binaries?

I run a few real i486-class machines (IIRC the CPU in the Soekris
net4501 is only a 486-class machine).  There are just a few packages
I build for such machines, although the build host is usually a pentium
III, pentium-4 or better.

For a package like "mpv", I find it highly unlikely that one would try
running it on a 486-class machine.

It would seem sensible to keep to the lowest supported CPU (i486), but
those packages demanding features found only in later versions get these
tweaks (just as firefox did quite some time ago).

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