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Re: multimedia/mpv configure fails on netbsd-9/i386

Hi folks,

After freeze ends, I thought I'd introduce an
that can be included by packages that require 64-bit atomic operations
that does the correct thing on architectures that don't natively support
them. This saves us from having to scatter hacks over pkgsrc.

However, since we're in freeze, getting this popular package working
again on i386 is the priority. So I committed the kludge to

There likely being a lot of 32-bit embedded x86 hardware from the 2000s
with questionable CPU feature support running NetBSD puts us in an
uncomfortable position regarding dropping 486-class CPU support.
I had thought that most of this hardware was AMD Geode-ish, which is
definitely at least 586-class - but I guess Soekris produced some
even lower end stuff.

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