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Re: buildlink3 vs. rust on powerpc?


so there wasn't a deluge of suggestions for how to deal with

Thinking some about this, I see two possible avenues to follow:

1) Wedge in a "-Wl,-L/usr/pkg/lib" early in the cc invocation
   done by rust on the powerpc ports in NetBSD in order to link.

2) Make (a package?  only usable on NetBSD/powerpc?) which makes
   -latomic available via symlinks from /usr/lib, so that
   -latomic is available via the default cc / linker search path.

I think I dislike suggestion #1 more than #2, since it will
influence the linker search path for all libraries, including
user-supplied libraries, behind the compiler users' back.

Suggestion #2 makes me uncomfortable because pkgsrc isn't
normally supposed to touch anything outside of /usr/pkg (or
whatever PREFIX is set to), but there is existence proof of the
contrary in mozilla-rootcerts-openssl.



- Håvard

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