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Another macOS 11 fallout


   In an ongoing effort to break things that previously worked fine,
Apple deiced to remove the Subversion client from the latest installment
of Xcode, so I installed it from pkgsrc.  I only need the client, thus I
went with subversion-base -- but I noticed a slight quirk with this
package; it insists on trying to install parts to /etc/rc.d (which is
futile on macOS).  This would normally not be an issue if it just
silently failed and moved on, but unfortunately this has the side effect
of pausing the installation until the user has clicked away a dialog box
(macOS asks for permission for the Terminal to do dangerous things).

  Would it be possible to split it out to a subversion-client package?
Or add an option to disable the server component in subversion-base?  Or
not even try to install things to /etc/rc.d on macOS (I assume that the
idea is that it will should just silently fail, but no one counted on
Apple breaking that as well).

Kind Regards,
Jan Danielsson

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