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Re: Bump - Non-functional xfreerdp2 on 8.1 STABLE - missing POSIX timer_create?

I read the actual code that uses POSIX timers, it hasn't changed at all
in the various release candidates.

If you want to simulate building with POSIX timer support disabled,
you can do the following:


The FreeBSD-related PR you linked to enables Linux epoll emulation for
a specific code path.

If you want to test if that code path is reached, edit the
"os specific implementation is missing" messages in

Note that there are two such messages, and both are identical.
It would be useful to know which one is being triggered.

It's possible we need to either:

1) Enable the "__APPLE__" code paths in that file on NetBSD too.

2) Borrow the epoll emulation code.

I can't test this because I don't have a Windows machine to connect to...

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