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Re: pkg_delete all dependant packages recursively

Frank Wille <> writes:

> Daniel Horecki wrote:
>> Try pkgtools/pkg_rolling-replace.
>> If it is only perl (and depending on it packages) you want to rebuild,
>> you can set only that to rebuild: pkg_admin set rebuild=YES perl &&
>> pkg_rolling-replace -r
> Thanks. Tried that. Unfortunately there were hundreds of checksum failures
> like:
> original MD5 checksum failed, not deleting:
> /usr/pkg/lib/perl5/man/man3/warnings::register.3

Regardless of approach, the only sound scheme is to have all packages
from a consistent source tree.  So with an installed system, you need to
choose that tree.  The sane choices are pkgsrc HEAD from CVS, and the
latest branch.

Once chosen, then pkg_rolling-replace should be run with -u, to start
bringing the installed set in line with the tree.  Without -u, you don't
have that consistency. That might be ok, but you're basically on your
own then.

Also note that pkg_rolling-replace just does make replace, so you could
go to lang/perl5 and do make replace.

It didn't leave a package because you passed -r which says not to.

You can run 'make show-downlevel' and pkg_info to see what's installed.

perl has had issues where things that are part of perl move to/from
separate packages.  Usually you have to just pkg_delete -f those other

Really you need to run pkg_admin check to see what's going on, unless
you give up on this tree.

I don't mean to discourage you from starting fresh; it seems likely less
pain from you.

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