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Re: pkg_delete all dependant packages recursively

Daniel Horecki wrote:

> Try pkgtools/pkg_rolling-replace.
> If it is only perl (and depending on it packages) you want to rebuild,
> you can set only that to rebuild: pkg_admin set rebuild=YES perl &&
> pkg_rolling-replace -r

Thanks. Tried that. Unfortunately there were hundreds of checksum failures
original MD5 checksum failed, not deleting:

And then it finally stopped with:
pkg_delete: couldn't entirely delete package `perl-5.26.2'
===> Cleaning for perl-5.26.2
RR> Re-checking for unsafe installed packages (unsafe_depends=YES)
RR> No more packages to replace; done.

It neither created a new perl-package nor did it compile any of the
depending packages.

Frank Wille

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