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Re: USB floppy on 9.0/amd64

On Sat, Aug 29, 2020 at 09:40:21PM +0200, Jörn Clausen wrote:
> [    93.884376] scan_mbr() at netbsd:scan_mbr+0x3e
> [    93.884376] readdisklabel() at netbsd:readdisklabel+0x110
> [    93.884376] dk_getdisklabel() at netbsd:dk_getdisklabel+0xc8
> [    93.884376] dk_open() at netbsd:dk_open+0x120
> Is this expected behaviour? I.e. was floppy support dropped in or prior to
> 9.0? I have used that drive in the past. I have an old laptop that can only
> boot from USB FDD running NetBSD 5.1, so around that time it still worked.

Of course not, this clearly is a bug.

[And I guess you did not really intend to mail it to this pkgsrc list?]

Which kernel are you using exactly? We need to match 

	scan_mbr() at netbsd:scan_mbr+0x3e

to a source code line. In my amd64 netbsd-9 kernel it would be

but that does not make sense, so your kernel must be different.
Is that kernel localy build? If so, do you have the exact matching sources
still? Feel free to contact me off-list so we can dig deeper and fix it
(or file a PR with enough details).


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