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LAtely I've been having trouble with pkg_rolling-replace on freshly
updated pkgsrc under -current - for some reason it ignores some
packages, mainly compilers, from the update tree, which stops the
process further. This happened with python3.7 yesterday, today's
example was with llvm - e.g.
=> Creating binary package /usr/pkgsrc/lang/llvm/work/.packages/llvm-10.0.1.tgz
===> Building binary package for llvm-10.0.1
=> Creating binary package /usr/pkgsrc/packages/All/llvm-10.0.1.tgz
===> Installing binary package of llvm-10.0.1
pkg_add: A different version of llvm-10.0.1 is already installed: llvm-10.0.0nb1
pkg_add: 1 package addition failed
*** Error code 1

Why is not llvm updated in this context? it is selected for build, the
build completes and then it does not replace it.

I do 'pkgclean' and 'pkg_admin rebuild-tree' before every attempt to
'pkg_rolling-replace -uv'.



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