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Re: Xfce4 and xfce4-extras meta-packages are absent for 9.0_2020Q2

Dmitrii Postolov <> writes:

> Hi! Sorry for my bad English...

No problem - it is quite easy to understand what you mean.    And it's
far far better than my Russian!

metapackages are particularly fragile because to succeed all of the
underlying packages have to build.

Connor gives good advice about installing the underlying packages.

> Why are there no xfce4 and xfce4-extras meta-packages in the
> (Partually of the xfce4 utilities are present.) In this case, I cannot
> install the xfce4 and xfce4-extras meta-packets from the packages for
> earmv7hf.

Basically there are source files for packages (Makefile and so on) in
pkgsrc, and bulk builds try to build them. If that doesn't work, there
aren't binary packages.

> When building xfce4 from pkgsrc for earmv7hf 9.0_2020Q2, the build
> stopped once with an error that was workarounded by simply repeating
> 'make install clean',

That problem should be fixed, so that the bulk builds will succeed.
It's a clue about something, perhaps MAKE_JOBS_SAFE, perhaps something

> the second time the build was stopped with an
> building error xfce4-terminal (this error was workarounded by
> installing xfce4-terminal using a package of 9.0_2020Q1).

You can do that, but the bulk build machines will not :-)

> On my FriendlyARM Nano Pi M1 1GB RAM armv7 build xfce4 and
> xfce4-extras from pkgsrc takes about 2 days, so could developers to
> solve the problem with the presence of meta-packages xfce4 and
> xfce4-extras by the time the packages are published 9.0_2020Q3?

To make that happen, someone will have to build all of xfce4 from source
on pkgsrc-current and fix any problems.   If you want to help, you can
try that and report specific errors.    But that may make your machine
not run stably, if you depend on xfce4 to use it, vs. having a spare
package building machine.

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