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Re: devel/libuuid/ is not used

On Mon, Aug 3, 2020, at 12:26, Aleksej Lebedev wrote:
> cd lang/python38 && bmake PREFER_NATIVE=libuuid PREFER_PKGSRC=no
> doesn't pick up the system libuuid. I tried both on DragonFly and on Linux.
> In order to make sure I am actually using PREFER_NATIVE correctly, I 
> tried it with iconv and it indeed picked up the system one instead. 
> Does it mean that devel/libuuid/ is broken or maybe I missed 
> something else?

I see now that I did miss something else: I only had linux/uuid.h, but not uuid/uuid.h on my Linux.
So at least on Linux does work.
I will have to look further why the native libuuid doesn't get picked up on DragonFly BSD.

Aleksej Lebedev

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