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Re: devel/libuuid/ is not used

On 31.07.2020 12:47, Aleksej Lebedev wrote:
> Hi!
> Last time I tried to build anything from pkgsrc on DragonFly BSD was more than a year ago.
> I remember that python didn't build so not much else could be built because of that.
> Today I looked quickly at what was the reason. Turned out it was simply because devel/libuuid doesn't build on DragonFly.
> However DragonFl has its own libuuid, moreover devel/libuuid has in it, but for some reason no packages include it.

It's correct that is not included directly.  The usual way is
to include the file, and the pkgsrc infrastructure then
includes the corresponding file.

Curiously, the pkgsrc guide doesn't mention this anywhere, but pkglint
would spit out an error if you tried to do that.

Have a look at the pkgsrc guide, it describes how to force pkgsrc to
select either the native or the pkgsrc variant of a package.

If that doesn't work, the file is probably broken.  If your
system has a working libuuid, it should be possible to select it.

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