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devel/libuuid/ is not used


Last time I tried to build anything from pkgsrc on DragonFly BSD was more than a year ago.
I remember that python didn't build so not much else could be built because of that.

Today I looked quickly at what was the reason. Turned out it was simply because devel/libuuid doesn't build on DragonFly.
However DragonFl has its own libuuid, moreover devel/libuuid has in it, but for some reason no packages include it.

lang/python37 for exmaple directly includes devel/libuuid/

Does anyone know whether it's intentional or not?

Ideally devel/libuuid should be fixed for DragonFly, but that shouldn't stop anyone from using pkgsrc as the native libuuid seems to work: replacing with in lang/python37/Makefile gave me a working python3.


Aleksej Lebedev

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