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Re: pkg_install fails when archivers/xz is installed

On Tue 28 Jul 2020 at 12:55:03 -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
> -x to look.  On NetBSD, /opt/pkg/sbin/pkg_add looks like:
> Dynamic Section:
>   NEEDED     
>   NEEDED     
>   NEEDED     
>   NEEDED     
>   NEEDED     
>   NEEDED     
>   RPATH                /usr/pkg/lib
> > So I think we need to ensure that pkg_install binaries always use
> > /usr/lib64/ if that's what it linked against.  In fact, I
> > wonder if they should ever be looking for anything in ${PREFIX}/lib.

> Unfortunately there is no "get this librrary from this place, and this
> other library from this other place", as I understand it.

I noticed serveral times earlier that the "search path" approach can be
too imprecise, an (at least in some cases) you really need to have a
full path specified for a library.
(base vs pkgsrc libGL or libdrm etc often is such a case, or comes
really close, because with those you want some libraries from one place
but some others from the other)

I haven't checked any relevant ELF standards yet, but I wonder how
difficult it would be to add such a thing.

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