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Re: pkg_install fails when archivers/xz is installed

Jason Bacon <> writes:

> The problem seems to be simply this:
> If OS == CentOS7 && /usr/include/lzma.h exists during bootstrap, then
> installing archivers/xz will break all pkg_install binaries, because
> they try ${PREFIX}/lib/ first even though they were linked
> against /usr/lib64/

As I understand it, ELF has a list of needed libraries and a list of
paths, and each library is looked up in the list of paths.  Use objdump
-x to look.  On NetBSD, /opt/pkg/sbin/pkg_add looks like:

Dynamic Section:
  RPATH                /usr/pkg/lib

> So I think we need to ensure that pkg_install binaries always use
> /usr/lib64/ if that's what it linked against.  In fact, I
> wonder if they should ever be looking for anything in ${PREFIX}/lib.

I would expect they need both.  On my netbsd-8 system, they need pkgsrc
openssl, and they need libarchive.

Unfortunately there is no "get this librrary from this place, and this
other library from this other place", as I understand it.

To me, this is a reason to set pkgsrc to never use base system libzma.
Or perhaps, to have all uses of libzma follow the same builtin logic.

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