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I am trying to set up a simple mailing list for a self-help group of
elderly ladies during the pandemic lockdown.  Their level of computer
skill is minimal: essentially I want something where all they have to
do is hit Reply to any message that comes to them.

Minimalist looked like a candidate: I installed it, and spent much
time trying to make it work, then discovered that the default config
file is in /usr/pkg/etc/minimalist, not /var/spool/minimalist as the
docs say.

My config files now appear to be read correctly, I get no errors, but
also nothing seems to happen when a subscribe email is piped to
" listname".  No errors are reported by " - listname",
nothing turns up in the log file.  I can't tell where the subscriber
list is meant to be.

Anyone use this on NetBSD who can help?  Or suggest an alternative -
we only need to support two or three dozen users, so something
lightweight is what I'm looking for.

Steve Blinkhorn <>

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