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Re: Binary packages vs. OS release

Thanks Maya and Joerg for the information.
I've uploaded 47GB packages to morden.

  morden% pwd
  morden% du -sm 9*    
  0       9.0
  14628   9.0_2019Q4
  47175   9.0_current

The version name 9.0 is occupied already, so named as

And sorry, the compression of this type is not xz yet.

The other version (say, another run) is with xz, and they are with me
already, and size may be
  42896   .9.0

Thank you,
Makoto Fujiwara
Key fingerprint = 0BFA FAEB EAD1 90BA 7498  8F85 6809 9E0B B7EF A12E

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