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Re: x11/gtk3 - fatal error: pango/pango.h: No such file or directory

On Mon, 24 Feb 2020 21:55:24 +0100
Roland Illig <> wrote:

> On 23.02.2020 17:50, Sad Clouds wrote:
> > On Sun, 23 Feb 2020 11:32:26 -0500
> > Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> >> Make sure your build path doesn't have a symlink.   cd to `pwd -P`
> >> to avoid this.
> >
> > I have a symlink /usr/pkg -> /opt/pkg, could this cause the issue,
> > since the headers will be under /usr/pkg/include?
> >
> > Are there known issues with pkgsrc and symlinks?
> Yes, there are known issues, see the lengthy comment in
> bootstrap/bootstrap, in the function checkarg_no_symlink_path.
> To make sure that everything is ok regarding the symlinks, please
> describe your setup in more detail, since you are quite close to a
> configuration that is known to not work.
> When you say "I have a symlink /usr/pkg -> /opt/pkg", this can mean:
> LOCALBASE=      /opt/pkg        # this is ok
> VARBASE=        /opt/pkg/var    # this is ok
> It could also mean:
> LOCALBASE=      /usr/pkg        # this is bad
> VARBASE=        /usr/pkg/var    # this is bad
> In the first of these configurations, the whole pkgsrc build process
> works whether the symlink exists or not. Therefore everything will be
> fine.
> In the second of these configurations, the buildlink wrappers that
> install the headers and libraries into WRKDIR/.buildlink during a
> package build will just skip these.
> Another way to mess up everything would be to start with /opt/pkg for
> the first few packages and later add the symlink and change LOCALBASE
> to the symlink.

Hi, I have the following setup:

# ls -l /usr/pkg
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  8 Feb 24 21:21 /usr/pkg -> /opt/pkg

# cat mk.conf
LOCALBASE=       /usr/pkg
PKG_DBDIR=       ${LOCALBASE}/db/pkg
VARBASE=         /var
PACKAGES=        /opt/netbsd_build/packages
WRKOBJDIR=       /opt/netbsd_build/objects
DISTDIR=         /opt/netbsd_build/distfiles

Used it for a long time years ago, but started using pkgsrc again
recently and noticed build issues with gtk2 and gtk3 due to missing
cairo.h and pango.h headers.

Suspect something is not buildlinking properly, but why is this an
issue now? Is it not possible to have buildlink wrappers dereference
symlink that is LOCALBASE? Symlinks are supposed to be transparent to

It's not a major issue, I can just change LOCALBASE to /opt/pkg. I'm
just curious as to what has changed over the years, it seems like a bug
or design issue.

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