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Re: pkgsrc on Linux, how to get started and distinguish packages from base system?

On Fri, Feb 21, 2020 at 10:11 AM Thomas Mueller <> wrote:
> from Greg Troxel:
>> pkgsrc will be configured with /usr/pkg, so you end up with a
>> separate tree of pkgsrc stuff. Then, other than security, you won't
>> care so much that the base system is old.
>> If README.Linux doesn't list the full set of prereqs, we should fix
>> it.
>> There is a list for debian-world systems.
> I noticed the list of prerequisite packages for debian-world systems,
> am not familiar with most of those packages by the names in that list.


gcc (and libstdc++)
zlib and zlib-devel

They're a mix Debian and RHEL names.

"libncurses-devel" looks like a combination of "libncurses5-dev" in
Debian and "ncurses-devel" in RHEL.

"zlib-devel" is the RHEL name.

"openssl-devel" is the RHEL name.

"libudev-dev" is the Debian name; "libudev-devel" was the RHEL 6 name
and "systemd-devel" is the RHEL 8 name.


apt-get install cvs libncurses5-dev gcc g++ zlib1g-dev zlib1g
libssl-dev libudev-dev

for Debian.

If you were to add a RHEL para, the equivalent for RHEL 8 (and 7) is

yum install cvs ncurses-devel gcc gcc-c++ zlib-devel zlib
openssl-devel systemd-devel

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