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Re: minidlna buffer overflow on netbsd-8/amd64

Revisiting this issue, I've installed minidlna on a couple of
amd64-9.0_STABLE hosts which access the media files over NFS.  These
hosts have no problem indexing the media files and no buffer overflows
are reported.

Pointing a DNLA-capable device at the server now shows contents but the
device can't play the media, claiming unrecognized file.  It's only my
own publicly-accesssible files that are affected while those of another
user and a globally-public directory play without issue.

Looking at "/var/log/minidlna.log" has numerous entries of the form:

[YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS] upnphttp.c:1370: error: Rejecting wide link /amd/fileserver/mntpt/home/username/Public/Music/file.mp3 -> /amd/fileserver/mntpt/home/username/Public/Music/file.mp3

as I use 'amd' for automounted home directories.  When running on the
netbsd-8 (-7?) fileserver still worked, the home directory reference
was satisfied with a local symbolic link.  Now using the external host
to run 'minidlnad', the symbolic link expands as above.

All hosts have "/home/username" as a user's home directory, which is
satisfied accordingly through 'amd'.

What's odd is the other user has the same home directory arrangement
and his public files play just fine.  The globally-public directory
is accessed as "/net/fileserver/mntpnt/pub" and its contents play fine.

The "minidlna.conf" file is configured with:


Files of "user1" play fine, files of "user2" don't, with the device
claiming an unrecognized file format.

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