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minidlna buffer overflow on netbsd-8/amd64

For some time now I've seen meessages like the following on the machine
that acts as DLNA server (also my file server) whenever I reboot it (and
start minidlna from my "rc.local" script):

  Oct 25 15:14:26 hostname -: hostname.domainname.tld minidlnad - - - buffer overflow detected; terminated

As a result, while there is still a minidlnad process present and the
minidlna server is visible to DNLA clients, no content is listed.
Top-level directories are there, but no contents or subdirectories.

I've been starting it with the "-R" switch so it will re-index the
contents so that recently-added files will be visible.  (Before it
started complaining about the overflow, It didn't seem to pick up new
files by itself unless restarted with -R).

Has anyone seen anything like this before?  Have I hit some limit of
minidlna in terms of the number of files or something like that?

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