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Re: minidlna buffer overflow on netbsd-8/amd64

On Sat, 26 Oct 2019, wrote:

> As a starting point, it uses MAXPATHLEN as a buffer size. I think it
> should be MAXPATHLEN+1 (or PATH_MAX) to avoid an overflow with the null
> byte.
> (Highly unlikely this could be abused).

So, I did global search and destroy^Wreplace of MAXPATHLEN with PATH_MAX
and the resulting binary behaves the same.  Still gets overflow and

> Will overflow the file buffer if it's a really long pathname and it ends
> with, say, /really/long/path.

My directory hierarchy of media files hasn't changed since minidlna
last worked properly, so path lengths haven't gotten any longer than
before.  I don't recall now if the breakage occurred when I upgraded
from netbsd-7 to netbsd-8 on the machine.  Maybe.

Not sure about the other items you mentioned.

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