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Re: Problems building pkgin on NetBSD 7/8

On 2020-01-21 20:22, Greg Troxel wrote:

I completely do not follow that statement.

libfetch is a direct dependency of pkgin but its also a dependency of pkg_install. Because of the way pkgsrc builds the dependencies
the build order is:

The openssl conflict was also the reason why my cmake build was failing to find heimdal. I'm guessing again because the system heimdal libraries were built against the base openssl. As you say either we have to accept 8.x as having a good enough SSL and apply that universally or we have to make everything pkgsrc use pkgsrc openssl. Same applies to 7.x.

I'm not sure having SSL as a non-default option in libfetch makes any sense any more in the days of SSL everywhere. Especially given that the current config effectively forces SSL on if builtin openssl is used.


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