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Re: net/unison2.32, net/unison2.40 and maybe net/unison2.48: proposal to remove

Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:

> I have:
> ...
> ❯ pkg_info unison-2.51.2nb14
> Information for unison-2.51.2nb14:
> Comment:
> File-synchronization tool
> Requires:
> font-schumacher-misc>=1.0
> ocaml-lablgtk>=2.18.8nb4
> gtk2+>=2.24.32nb10
> ocaml>=4.08.1nb1
> ....
> It was built 5 days ago on current pkgsrc; I tested it between two
> NetBSD systems at the time, it seemed to work.
> It was built with lablgtk option and the interface seemed to work.

So that's the current version of unison, with the current version of
ocaml, and it interoperates with itself on NetBSD.  That sounds good,
but it sounds like if the older ones were removed, you would not notice,
let alone have any difficulty.

Just to be clear, unison2.51 is staying in pkgsrc.  I am only talking
about possibly removing older ones.

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