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Re: More collectd plugins for pkgsrc

Edgar Fuß <> writes:

>> My take is that wip is the right place.
> So I copy seven packages from pkgsrc to wip, add a bl3 file (or a configure 
> argument) there and wait for someone to move it back?

If the change is small and obviously won't hurt, you could just post a
patch here.  I had the impression from your message the changes to
existing packages were pretty substantial, but maybe I read it too fast.

> For my list of which plugins are where or why not: Do I put this in a TODO 
> in the modified main package, as a comment into Makefile.common or where?

Generally, my take on wip and TODO is that TODO is metadata about what
needs fixing in wip, and when it's ready to hoist, and that explanations
of the state of things and aspirations belong in comments, as those are
expected to survive the trip into pkgsrc proper.

> Where do I discus things?

here is fine.

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