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Re: firefox dumping core after NetBSD upgrade

I wrote:
>>From the stack trace that Paul Goyette provided it looks to me like
>>a Firefox bug is triggering one in Mesa.
>I have now got a debug system and firefox build with debug-info, a
>firefox build with debug wouldn't display an URL.
>I commented out the locking code to see what happened:

Commented out some more debug testing code in errors.c.

It now crashes in _mesa_error when doing this:

       /* Set the GL context error state for glGetError. */
==>    if (ctx->ErrorValue == GL_NO_ERROR)
          ctx->ErrorValue = error;

Trying to examine ctx->ErrorValue in gdb fails as it is an invalid
address. I can examine fields of ctx that are nearer the start of
the structure. The DebugMutex field is after ErrorValue.

The gl_context struct is included in a GPU specific context struct,
so the allocation of it needs to be done by the driver.

I'm using a radeon GPU, do some GPU families work ?

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