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Pkgsrc vs Linux

A few months ago, I decided to experiment with building packages using
pkgsrc on my Linux Mint Debian Edition 3. This is hardly an ideal
solution, as there no chance to start from a minimal installation,
but LMDE3 was the only distro that would work out of the box with my
laptop. I had tried Centos, plain Debian, Fedora and there were a
multitude or problems.

Now I've got to the point that:

- some builds fail, despite not failing on Centos 7 (judging by the
logs on pkgsrc-bulk)

- some installations fail (but not on Centos 7, as above)

I don't feel confident in sending bug reports because my system is not

I can't use NetBSD as my day-to-day OS because I need applications
that only work on Linux (long story).

I could either try Centos 7 again and use Joyent's or Jason Bacon's
binaries, but Centos 7 is on the verge of being obsolete (not
literally, but...)

Or I could wait until somebody will build binaries for the upcoming Centos 8.

Or start with a minimal new Debian installation. Or maybe try Gentoo,
which has some similarities with *BSD.

Or... ?

Any input, as usual, is welcome.

Ottavio Caruso

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