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Re: "graphics/xfig" complains about old/missing app-defaults?

On Thu, 20 Jun 2019, Robert Elz wrote:

> or make some connection between the directories (like the union mount
> use) it doesn't matter which "other" directory it is in.

I'd never played with union mounts before.  I have now.  Seems like a

> Not certain about the complaint window, but it certainly was never
> useful (usable) without the resources file being moved.

In that state it was definitely usable (I drew my shift-pattern diagram
with it in that state).  It was just very plain-looking.  I didn't do
anything particularly challenging with it so I don't know if the lack
of config/Xresources limited anything.

I checked my old workstation and it didn't set "XAPPLRESDIR" in
"/etc/profile".  I don't know why I never had an issue with 'xfig' before
now.  It seems to be sorted out with the help of your explanations.

> 	cvs diff -r1.11 -r1.12 PLIST | grep app-
> 	-lib/X11/app-defaults/Fig
> 	+share/X11/app-defaults/Fig
> so you're right, that was the version where it changed.   The cvs log
> output isn't helpful though, all that contains is the CHANGES files from
> xfig upstream, together with the note that it was an upgrade.  The
> associated Makefile log entry is the same.
> I don't see anything in the (pkgsrc) Makefile changes for that
> version which would have made a difference, certainly there was
> no
> 	CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --with-appdefaultdir= ...
> in the previous version that was accidentally deleted (there are
> many other changes however).

I think the last update coincided with 'xfig's switch from "transfig"
to "fig2dev".  The package './configure' script defaults
"--with-appdefaultdir" to "${datarootdir}/X11/app-defaults".  The default
value for "${datarootdir}" is "${prefix}/share".  I suppose during
preparations for the update the defaults were just accepted and the
PLIST updated to reflect the default build.

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