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Re: "graphics/xfig" complains about old/missing app-defaults?

On Thu, 20 Jun 2019, Robert Elz wrote:

>     Date:        Wed, 19 Jun 2019 15:59:19 -0500 (CDT)
>     From:        "John D. Baker" <>
>   | Anyone else use 'xfig' recently and see this?
> I have been a long time xfig user, and I used to see that a lot.
> It is not new.

It's new to me as this is the first time 'xfig' ever didn't find its
default config on any machine I used.

I'll need to go and check some other machines.  The old pkgsrc x11 wedge
stuff used to remind the installer to put:


In "/etc/profile" (or its 'csh' equivalent in "/etc/csh.login").  My
other machines' installations are old enough to still have this lying
around, but the one I use now does not.  The x11 support in pkgsrc
changed so as to generally not require that.

Your description would indicate that 'xfig' is an exception.  Also, the
"xfig" package installs the "Fig" resource file to


while packages like "tightvncviewer", "xlock" and "xscreensaver" store
their resource files to "/usr/pkg/lib/X11/app-defaults".  Perhaps there
is a consistency issue here?

Odd that it never was an issue until I updated to pkgsrc-HEAD prior
to the pkgsrc-2019Q2 freeze/branch cycle.

(A quick check seems to indicate my next-most-recent use of 'xfig'
was in August of 2017.  It didn't do this then, otherwise I'd have
brought it up then, too.  So, something changed in the meantime.
Again, it might have been an ancient XAPPLRESDIR thing.  I think I
didn't start using the current workstation until after August 2017.)

> [ Thorough explanation appreciated, not necessary to quote here. ]

Thanks for the suggestions.

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